Company : About TONNA

TONNA is a French manufacturer of products and solutions for video communication networks, designed for Pay TV, cabled networks and collective cable systems.



Specialist of Video communication systems and products, TONNA designs, manufactures and commercializes distribution equipments for TV networks : cable and satellite TV, analog and digital terrestrial TV, individual and collective installations.

Leading player in the intercom and access control for social housing, TONNA equips more than 50 000 housings each year. CCTV and communication in building lobbies are the latest trends of development in this activity.


With more than 3000 professional customers, (installers, aerial installers, distributors, wholesalers ...) TONNA is a main player of the French Market for TV products.

For more than 50 years, we have provided customized systems to the principal distributors on our market, becoming a reference in our business. Our R & D center ensures the highest level of technology, making a good reputation among our partners. Tonna develops solutions for the future. This is one of our commitments to our customers.

Firmly established on the markets of North Africa, Northern Europe and West Indies, TONNA has an Export structure to expand and strengthen its presence abroad thanks to local partners.


  • French Ministry of Culture, Paris
  • European Parliaments, Brussels & Strasbourg
  • Malpensa International Airport, Milan
  • Olympic Stadium, Istanbul
  • Prat Airport, Barcelona
  • NATO lodging, Lille
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Algiers
  • 30 Dredging boats, world
  • Radisson Hotel, Bamako
  • J. Mermoz High-school, Dakar
    and more...

TONNA designed and realized half of the TV cable network in France and the company is now involved in the development of key areas such as digital images networks, IPTV, optical fiber and security equipments for residential and corporate.