Company : History

Main events

The history of the TONNA Group starts in 1949 with the creation of the LABO RADIO company by Messers Marcel COCSET and Marc TONNA. The real boom is given in 1952 with the design by Marc TONNA of an antenna enabling the reception of signals transmitted from the EIFFEL TOWER transmitter, this antenna was granted a patent and will lead to a huge manufacturing contract for the PATHE-MARCONI company.

In April 1958, LABO-RADIO becomes the S.A.R.L ANTENNES TONNA. (ANTENNES TONNA Ltd)., which is still today the mother and the origin of TONNA ELECTRONIQUE. The company is famous for the production of radio & television as well as radio amateur antennas.

A few years later, the TONNA Group will complete its production by taking over the control of the ELAP company in MONDELANGE, close to METZ city, the manufacturer of the main electronic antennas accessories, and which is still today the TONNA manufacturing site.

In January 1968, the creation of the SADITEL company will promote the distribution of antennas and accessories manufactured by the REIMS and MONDELANGE factories.

Starting from that date, the TONNA Group won't stop developing and start up various activities : 1973 : creation of the SICART factory (car radio antennas) ; 1979 : purchase of the DIELA (hertzian antennas) and ANTENOPHONE (block of flats automatic door opening systems) ; 1985 : creation of TONNA VIDEOCOM (H.F.C networks); 1990 : purchase of VISICABLE+ (bifilar networks).

In 1982, such a development will come to justify the creation of the TONNA ELECTRONIQUE profit sharing Holding company, before the company enters the second market at the NANCY Stock Exchange in March 1984.

Research and Development are definitely becoming the priority target with the creation, in 1986 of the CREDO (R&D center).

At that time, France Telecom is launching its " Plan Cable" and enables TONNA to become one of the main suppliers of equipment necessary for the completion of cable networks of the 50 most important French cities.

In 1989, the TONNA creators and managers decide to sell the company. The CANAL+ and COMPAGNIE GENERALE DES EAUX (currently VIVENDI), then, take over the TONNA Group control.

Starting from 1991, simplification and rationalization of the TONNA Group structures are performed aiming at transferring the industrial and commercial activities within the TONNA ELECTRONIQUE company. After having undergone a significant decrease in its traditional activities further to a severe competency and to lower and lower prices, and to networks activities, due to the wait-and-see policy of the operators linked with a failure of the "Plan Cable", TONNA had to go on with its restructuring policy.

As of now. TONNA is a company with 90 employees, more than 10% of them are assigned in Research and Development, with a turnover approximately amounting to 20 M€.


TONNA story is punctuated by the contribution to new technologies that have enabled significant advances in the reception and distribution of TV.

1950: Broadband Yagi Antenna, with high-gain antennas and a directivity superior to panel antennas for long distance reception.

1960: Remotely power-fed preamplifier in output of the antennas dipole to compensate cable losses.

1970: Boxed all-in-one mobile antenna (FM / VHF / UHF), resistant to transportation or multiple assembly/ disassembly due to camping.

1980: B2C2 Amplifier for urban cable networks, wideband, and self-regulated to keep the same level at the end of the network.

1990: Distribution of satellite signals over fiber optic, allowing much greater distance without noticeable signal loss.

2000: Broadband PATCH antenna, with linear gain and 4 times less volume compared to other antennas technologies with equivalent performances.

2010: INTEGRAL multistandard Headend (DVB-T/S/C or analog inputs) with coaxial or ethernet IP outputs, encryption / decryption interface and remote maintenance.