Company : Holding
financière pontoise

An industrial French Group of 220 people, 4 Plants and 2 Sales units.


Financière Pontoise is a large consolidation of five companies:

  • TONNA: designer and producer of TV products and systems, sale to installers and professional aerial wholesalers. Producer of intercom and access control devices for residentials.
  • AFT: designer and producer of professional antennas : ham radio, terrestrial TV and camping
  • PSI: manufacturer of satellite antennas, mounting devices for TV antennas, industrial subcontracting in plastic injection, zinc alloy injection, cutting and stamping, surface treatment, assembling and packaging.
  • UTEM: specialized in the design and repair of metal molds for plastic injection and zinc alloy, mechanical press tooling and machining precision.
  • ELAP: sale of TV reception equipment, accessories and home security for retailing, food supermarkets, DIY superstores, specialized supermarkets…


The group is devoted to the perenity of French industrial know-how. Its clusters competitiveness are the transformation of material in the territory and the hightech products in video communication coming from the dedicated R & D.

TONNA Electronique is a subsidiary of Financière Pontoise. TONNA is the core R&D unit and the B2B distributor of high technology products.